Mutual Aid

Those in the LGBTQ+ community often lack support from their families or local communities. Mutual aid is solidarity-based support. It enables people to connect and directly address the needs of those around them. It is important to reach out when you need help. To be added to the list, message us through the contact page.

Donation efforts

Trans Crowdfunding Masterlist

This list was created by Trans@UF to find financial support for trans people in need. Click below to donate and feel free to email here to add your personal efforts to the list.

Lifesaving Procedure

“A friend of mine is struggling with life-threatening dysphoria. They are a trans individual who has been taking hormones for five years, but has not experienced the physical changes needed for them to live life happily or comfortably.” 

Read more and donate here

Top Surgery Support

Loch: GoFundMe
Ryan: GoFundMe
Alex: GoFundMe

Help Twenny Survive

“Twenny is a black non-binary trans person raising funds to survive a pandemic and get gender affirming care.”

Read more and donate here

Or donate via Cashapp $MX2099

Abortion Expenses

“Help a Queer individual with abortion expenses.”

Donate via Venmo or Cashapp $claudpantano

Safe Housing

“Help Support a Black Queer Mother in securing safe housing.”

Donate via Paypal, Venmo or Cashapp $besodemoza

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