Pride Student Union Executive Board

Miryam Elshaer (they/she)


3rd year Political Science and Women’s Studies Major and Philosophy Major

Responsible for chairing executive board meetings and leading the other board members. Manages the Administrative Cabinet that runs annual special events. Ensures PSU staff are properly supported. The President also externally represents the organization in larger university and community-wide efforts.

In my free time I really enjoying doing art and photography. I also love to cook for my friends and can constantly be found thrifting more than I should be. I recently got a kitten named Willow, and when in doubt, you will probably find me playing with her and parading her around Plaza of the Americas. Finally, I’m really interested in activism and social justice and I one day hope to use my majors to pursue a career in law where I will work for the rights of marginalized folks.

During my time as the President of PSU I’d like to gear our organization towards focusing on providing community to queer folks in Gainesville. Additionally, I value upholding our morals of social justice, in order to keep our members active. I hope to create a space where folks can come and find a home, one where they are eagerly accepted and loved by those around them.

Tayler King (she/her)

External Vice-President

3rd year Biology Major and Russian Minor

Responsible for managing the External Cabinet. They oversee graphics, marketing efforts, social media, tabling, outreach, collaborations, special events, and task forces. They are also responsible for communicating with the discussion groups within PSU.

Hello! In addition to being involved in LGBTQ+ affairs and issues, I love playing Dungeons & Dragons, going for hikes, and my favorite color is purple. Upon graduation I hope to work in field biology with exotic animals.

I hope to conserve the great outreach work we have done so far as well as expanding the comfort we extend to our community with our events.

Vaish Basireddy

Internal Vice-President

4th year Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences Major with Health Disparities Minor

Responsible for managing the Internal Cabinet. In their role they are responsible for programming and internal affairs. This includes, but is not limited to, managing all planning and programming aspects of General Body Meetings and education of staff and leadership.

I am an Indian American on the pre-med track. I love to create art, dance, play sports and listen to music! A little fun fact about myself is that I grew up going to the same mall that the show Stranger Things 3 was filmed in 🙂

A few main goals to focus on – LGBT healthcare, Black and people of color in STEM, Women empowerment, and knowledge about communities outside of North America and Europe

Melanie Moller (she/her)


2nd year Public Relations Major

Responsible for managing the Finance Cabinet. They work to manage funds allocated from Student Government, navigate UF SG Finance policy, create budget requests for future semesters, and reach out to potential sponsors establishing alternative funding methods.

Hi, I’m Mel and I am so excited to serve as PSU’s Treasurer for 2021-2022! I’m a part of HSA and Thrift Club and always welcome new friends. While I’m not making graphics for my clubs, I love making my own art and watching the cheesiest movies possible.

As PSU’s Treasurer, I hope to serve my fellow LGTBQ+ community in the best way I can. Whether that entails creating new sponsorships or branching out to different organizations, I aim to drive PSU to an even more successful future. PSU provides a safe space for many students and I desire to expand this safe space through inclusive merchandise, outreach towards organizations and markets, and educational yet fun events. I hope to make PSU proud and, most of all, hope to make a difference for PSU!

Jasper Wittig (he/they)


2nd year Journalism Major and Women’s Studies Minor

Responsible for managing the Communications Cabinet. They are also responsible for creating agendas for and taking minutes of Executive Board meetings. The Secretary will serve as a link between PSU co-organizations, programs, and sub-organizations via the Inside Pride Newsletter and the PrideUF website.

I am a queer, nonbinary person and an aspiring movement journalist. I am involved in many groups on campus, including being the secretary of NLGJA and a facilitator of Trans@UF. Outside of school involvements, I enjoy reading, writing and skateboarding.

I hope to create an open environment for people to learn and thrive. I aspire for the newsletter to bring awareness to topics and identities that often go unnoticed as well as informing the readers about upcoming events. Additionally, I hope the website will provide additional networking and information that allows everyone to feel welcome in this space. Through photography and history, I would love to give the future generations background on the way in which LGBTQ+ topics around UF have changed.


Queer Cultivation Program Executive Director

Responsible for managing the QCP Cabinet. Their team runs the mentor-mentee pairing and social program under Pride Student Union. QCP aims to foster a sense of community through mentorship and a variety of events ranging from mentor workshops and mentor/mentee events to a retreat in the Spring semester, all while maintaining a safe space where ALL are welcome.

This position is open! If you are interested in joining the PSU E-board, you can apply here:

Interested in being a PSU leader?

PSU is looking for passionate and dedicated students willing to learn and grow with us. If you’d like to be a part of a community working towards education and equity, we encourage you to apply!

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